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We lead the synthetic biology industry, having developed and successfully commercialized the most Lab-to-Market™ ingredients. Our sustainable ingredients are used in thousands of top global brands, including our own family of consumer brands in Clean Beauty and Health markets.

Amyris Launches Plant-derived Sustainable Silica for Clean Beauty Applications

EMERYVILLE, Calif., July 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Aprinnova, Inc., an Amyris, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMRS) joint venture, the leading supplier of high performance, clean beauty ingredients is commercializing a plant-derived silica made from sugarcane ashes. Silica is used widely in personal care and cosmetics. It is traditionally sourced from non-renewable sand dredging, which requires significant energy consumption and emits large amounts of C02. The new ingredient branded Biosilica™ can be used in foundations, creams, lotions and other applications as a sustainable and better performing alternative to traditional silica. In addition, it offers an alternative to microplastics which are being phased out of many cosmetic products.

This ingredient innovation has been led by Amyris, a leading synthetic biotechnology company in the Clean Health and Beauty markets and a top supplier of sustainable and natural ingredients, in partnership with the Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Escola Superior de Biotecnologia ("UCP") in Porto/AICEP Consortium Project. As of last year, Grand View Research, Inc. projected that the color cosmetics market is expected to be valued at about $87 billion in retail value by 2025, with a CAGR of approximately 6% and according to an analysis of Mintel GNPD, over 10% of new color cosmetic product launches over the last five years contained silica.

Biosilica is available for sampling in August with commercial scale volumes expected to begin in 2021 and allows brands to participate in the circular economy based on the concept that materials and products are never wasted, but always reused or recycled. Cosmetic brands can get on the list to request samples online through Aprinnova.

In consumer perception studies, both pressed powders and liquid foundations made with Biosilica™ demonstrated great skin performance when compared with formulations using industry benchmark silica. Our plant-derived silica has unique sphericity, high oil absorption, particle size and oil/water absorption ratio. These characteristics offer premium benefits such as elegant texture, sebum control, mattification, and anti-aging effects without drying the skin.

The beauty industry is ready to lead sustainable innovations as it touches more lives each day than almost any other industry and produces millions of tons of waste from ingredient supply to product packaging. Consumer demand for safe, high performing, and sustainable ingredients has led the megatrend toward Clean Beauty. Biosilica sets a new standard for how science and technology can help brands meet this consumer demand for better and safer ingredients.

About Amyris
Amyris (Nasdaq: AMRS) is a science and technology leader in the research, development and production of sustainable ingredients for the Clean Health & Beauty and Flavors & Fragrances markets. Amyris uses an impressive array of exclusive technologies, including state-of-the-art machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence. Our ingredients are included in over 3,000 products from the world's top brands, reaching more than 200 million consumers. Amyris is proud to own three consumer brands - all built around its No Compromise® promise of clean ingredients: Biossance™ clean beauty skincare, Pipette™ clean baby skincare and Purecane™, a zero-calorie sweetener naturally derived from sugarcane. For more information, please visit

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